Committees’ membership is generally recommended by the Nominating Committee.*

Annually each committee should review its responsibilities and consider if they remain suitable. Recommended changes to the committee’s responsibilities are to be brought to Business for approval.

The committee should also review its functioning to see what improvements would be helpful. That review could include notes on accomplishments during the year and consider what responsibilities were not handled to the committee’s satisfaction.

Most committees have budgets that allow them to spend money as they consider suitable to fulfill their responsibilities. Each year the committee requests a budget for the coming year, detailing planned spending where appropriate.

Committees function in a Spirit led collaborative process. Each committee selects a Convener who brings the members together for meetings and facilitates the process of the meetings as needed.

  • A committee’s year begins in eighth month after Yearly Meeting.
  • A committee member from the previous year brings the committee’s members together for the first meeting of the year.
  • At its first meeting the committee selects a Convener. Each committee should report to Meeting for Business in ninth month that they have met and identified who has been selected as Convener.
  • While the Convener is responsible for scheduling meeting dates and times after discussions with committee members, the committee members are responsible for recording the proceedings, approving and distributing minutes, and preparing reports for Business Meeting.
  • Recorded information should be read to the committee and approved during the committee meeting, just as it is done in Business Meetings. Any final written reports for Business Meeting should be approved by the committee prior to when the report is to be presented.
  • A designated committee member should inform the Meeting Clerk of the person who will be reporting during any Business Meeting.
  • Convener and committee membership changes are reported to Business Meeting.
  • A committee report should be sent to the two Meeting clerks and the Communication Committee prior to the Business Meeting. The report contains only the information and recommendations the committee decides to present. The committee minutes are not appropriate to be reported in its entirety. Items presented for approval by Business Meeting should be clearly identified.
  • Documents needing approval at Business Meeting should be forwarded to the Communications Committee for distribution as soon as available prior to the business session.
* When special or Ad Hoc committees are needed, committee members may be appointed by Business Meeting when the Clerk asks for names suitable for the committee. The Business Meeting may direct the purpose / function of a committee, or appoint a committee and ask them to refine their responsibilities and function and report back to the Business Meeting.