Welcome to Virginia Beach Friends Meeting

We warmly welcome you to join us for a Meeting for Worship!

Our weekly Meeting for Worship is held on first day/Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. and usually lasts about one hour. We also have a first day school program for youth during this time period.

The Virginia Beach Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends worships as a group without the leadership of ordained clergy. In the silent meeting for worship, by "waiting upon the Lord," Friends seek to encourage that of God within each of us and renew our awareness of our relationship with Him. We invite everyone to join us.

The Society of Friends, usually called Quakers, holds to the ideal that we can be brought into harmony with the will of God both in our worship and in our daily lives. Just as truth and love were perfectly revealed in Jesus, the Son of God, so they have been manifested before and after His time. Friends believe that in the life there is a continuous revelation of truth and light; a meeting for worship should revolve around our desire and effort to uncover the light within and to share it.

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Virginia Beach Friends Meeting
1537 Laskin Road
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