Charlie King Is Coming To Town

Date: Saturday November 9
Time: 7 pm
Location: Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalist Church
809 S Military Hwy
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
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Steve Baggarly writes:

Our Favorite folk singer, Charlie King, is coming through town and will play a concert at 7 pm on Saturday, November 9 at the Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalist Church in Virginia Beach. Come join us for socially conscious music and community and to celebrate life.

He is on his way from home in MA to GA for the 30th anniversary of School of the Americas Watch, a human rights group that has called for the closure of the Ft. Benning-based school that has graduated hundreds of Latin American military officers that have been involved in coups, massacres, and human rights violations for decades.

We hope you can come.

peace, Steve



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