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Although there is no prescribed preparation for worship, we realize that the deeply centered meeting is the outgrowth of spiritually-led lives. Daily worship, scriptural reading, and prayer are therefore important preparations for Meeting for Worship. Thus, in worship, we may refill our spiritual reservoirs with the Living Water.

The Living Water in continuing revelation over the years, has led to our belief in the worth of every individual, and the moral importance of every person's actions, and has been the basis for Friends' opposition to war and capital punishment, support of the rights for women and minorities, and work for prison reform and justice for Native Americans. Whereas Friends may differ both as to the content and the implementation of our beliefs, we encourage individual interpretation within the broad framework of Quaker thinking. Because we hold each other in such esteem, we also extend goodwill toward our fellow, recognizing the same God within them that we know is within ourselves.

We recognize the importance of a Christian-center home life in which the Inner Light of God is allowed to grow within all members, enabling each to function in the global family to God's glory. We endeavor to follow the path of simplicity and moderation and to live within our means. As stewards rather than owners of God's creations, we seek to share His abundance with all of humanity. Opportunities for sharing and service begin at home through Meeting and community activities in education, housing, foster parenting, disarmament, food assistance, prison ministry, and spirituality. We extend to the national and international levels through support of and involvement in Yearly Meeting, American Friends Service Committee, Friends World Committee for Consultation, and Friends Committee on National Legislation.

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Faith and Practice Book of Discipline of the North Carolina (Conservative) of the Religious Society of Friends (1983 Revision)


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