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Virginia Beach Friends Meeting is participating in the North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) Discipline Revision.

Our Yearly Meeting (YM) is asking all our monthly meetings to ponder, reflect and rewrite our queries in context to relevancy to our meeting with the emphasis on queries that will elicit answers that speak from the corporate voice rather than from the individual voice. The guidance from YM states that queries should question or witness on three levels: 1) what the meeting is doing as a community of faith; 2) how the meeting community is a resource for members wrestling with the same issues; and 3) what the meeting as a community is doing to address these issues in the wider world.

The Faith & Practice Committee (F&P) is asking all Virginia Beach Friends to spend time reading each of our queries and to look at other queries that address the spiritual, practical, and administrative issues we face as a meeting. The first step is to identify themes and topics. Once we have collected these topics, F&P will forward them under categories to YM by the 10th month. YM F&P committee will finalize our potential new queries for the YM.

We would like to have your input by 9/19/21. It is important to approach this task as an inclusive process requiring all of us to have input.

Please send your suggestions to Dave French email: dlfrench14@gmail.com

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