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The purpose of this newsletter is to share our monthly meeting minutes and other news with members, attenders and others interested in the Virginia Beach Monthly Meeting.

The minutes represent the official view of the meeting.

Other announcements and articles relating to the meeting are included and reflect the views of the person submitting the information. The name of the person writing or submitting each article is included to avoid the impression the information represents the opinion of the meeting.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Complete Minutes from our June business meeting are posted at this link…

Query #11 - Social Justice and Equality:

Do we reverence that of God in every human being with concern for the needs of each individual? Are we seeking to rectify existing social injustice and racial discrimination in our local communities and in the world at large?


We are mindful as individuals, as a group, and as a yearly meeting having a valuable history that we participate in.

This meeting is remarkable in its dedication to Peace and Social Justice, our largest committee is a group that encourages each other to live this Query by vocation, choice and calling. Daily, we are seeking ways to answer that of God in all we meet; as we walk with forgiveness of self and others.

The prophet Micah asks us to "walk humbly with our God," meaning to walk hand in hand with Jesus. God is present with us as we greet each other as equals, gathering courage to live as the Light teaches us to stand side by side with others, meeting the grief and injustice that we encounter.

We are challenged to reach beyond our local community to rectify injustice for those who are distant and different.

Query #12 - Outreach:

Do we welcome newcomers and non-members to our meetings? Are they encouraged to share in Meeting activities and to consider membership when they are in agreement with the principles and practices of Friends? Are our younger members appointed to committees and encouraged to share in other responsibilities of the Meeting? Do we visit one another frequently, remembering those who may be lonely? Does this visitation and caring extend beyond the members of our own Meeting?


Newcomers are greeted with genuine friendship. Our evening prayer group is an outreach. We minister to each other and pray for individuals. We also reach out beyond our members to friends and family of our community.

Recorded Minutes include:

  • School Report: The school is grateful to the meeting for the daily support and financial aid to the school. VBFS has received written notification from VAIS that it has been returned to full accreditation and VBFS is scheduled for its next visit, a Ten-Year Visit, in Fall of 2022. Cottage Update: Renovations have begun with a mid-July completion date. We are currently seeking bids on the cost of renovating Fox and Woolman restrooms, along with bids for safety improvements on the Front Playground. Fundraising is ongoing. Enrollment: There are 84 written contracts and verbal commitments. The goal is 112. The Meeting recognizes that this is a crucial time in the school’s history, and we strongly encourage individuals to support the school financially and in other ways as they are led.
  • School Committee: Closing on Parcel 3 took place on 5/28/19. During closing it was noted that the existing lease needed to remain in effect to ensure the School’s continued use of the cottage. The lease was partially terminated to remove the buildings on Parcel 3 while retaining the cottage. There are a number of issues with the wording or lack of in the current lease regarding the Cottage. School Committee recommends that an amended and restated lease be prepared for the Cottage and its grounds. Once the lease is prepared, it will be brought to the property task force for review and for recommendations. Meeting approves terminating the lease for Parcel 3, (attached) which has been returned to the school and authorizes the trustees to sign it. Meeting approves an expenditure of $500 for Bert Poole (attorney) to prepare an amended and restated lease for the Cottage area.
  • Barb French memorial: A care committee is established to help with the service. Nancy Nixon, Nancy Craft and Jeanne Crawford will work with Dave’s family regarding the memorial.
  • Traveling Minute Request: The meeting is in unity that the clerk writes a travel minute supporting Tom Bertrand to attend, to speak and to lead discussions at the annual Western Yearly Meeting to represent Friends Comittee on National Legislation and our Meeting. We are grateful that he is feeling called to explore ways that Friends across the political spectrum can find common ground for our activism. We will forward this minute to Yearly Meeting requesting their approval and endorsement.
  • Nominating Committee: We still need volunteers for Assistant Clerk and Recording Clerk. The current list of committees and positions was circulated and posted online. The list of active and inactive members and attenders was circulated. Updates are requested. Meeting approves the nominating report with corrections. Nancy Delle Femine is unable to be an official representative to Yearly Meeting for 2019 and Liana Fleming will be our official representative. Our Interim Body representatives are Tom Bertrand, Dave French and Nancy Craft.
  • Yearly Meeting of NCYM July 10-15: Elizabeth Wintermute, Clerk of Planning Committee is looking for small groups or individual interested in presenting afternoon interest groups. Please contact her if interested,
  • Church Women United: Meeting approves reinstating an annual contribution to Church Women United, which is $25 a year.
  • Building & Grounds: The architect has begun study of the building for the elevator and offers the following options for consideration:
    • Inside in library on north wall in either corner. Estimated cost $70K
    • Outside on east side in window well ((and maybe a ground level (3rd) stop)) With only 2 stops, estimated cost $70K
    • Major building addition on east side. 1000 sq. ft. estimated cost $200K+
    • Ramp in back or on side. Estimated cost $30K
    • Chair lift in outside stairway. Estimated cost $10K

Next Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business is August 11, 2019, 8:30 am in our Meetinghouse.


QuakerSpeak is a project of Friends Journal and is directed by Jon Watts.

Communications Committee and the VBFM Newsletter staff decided to focus on a different QuakerSpeak video for each of our issues in 2018, and have continued in 2019..


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Barb French Memorial - Thank You
Submitted by Nancy Craft

The Committee coordinating the Memorial Service for Barb French wishes to thank everyone who helped Dave’s family make the Memorial program a very special and heart-warming Service. We send much thanks to the family, friends and Meeting folks who contributed to the planning, setting up, program and clean-up as well as the lovely flowers and food.

AMERICAN HERETICS: The Politics of the Gospel - Wed, Aug 14th at 7:15pm at the Naro Cinema
Submitted by April Megginson

This new documentary takes audiences into the buckle of the Bible belt where a group of defiant ministers, and congregations are challenging deeply rooted fundamentalist Christian doctrine in favor of a Gospel of Inclusion. Labeled as heretics by Evangelicals due to their progressive values, these Protestant preachers are social justice advocates who are challenging the Republican Right majority in Oklahoma and southern red states. The film focuses on the church leadership of two Oklahoma churches. Robin Meyers is the pastor of Mayflower Congregational Church, and the author of ‘Why The Christian Right is Wrong’. Reverend Marlin Lavanhar and Bishop Carlton Pearson are pastors of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Tulsa. (86 mins)

"A film that shines a light on those who would be a candle in the midst of the Medieval darkness of modern, white Southern American Christianity." – Roger Moore, Movie Nation

"American Heretics doesn’t break ground cinematically, but it is eye-opening in other ways." – Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times

Post-film discussion: Read Tench Phillips' latest News & Views column 'Losing My Religion: Seeking A Gospel of Inclusion'


Yearly Meeting Report of Committee on Poor People’s Campaign: Proposed Minute
Submitted by Yearly Meeting

The following statement is publicly presented on our yearly meeting website ( and is being communicated to the Poor People's Campaign directly:

North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) endorses the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. The work of this nonviolent campaign is consonant with long held Quaker values and testimonies of equality, peace, justice, honoring that of God in everyone, and concern for our environment. Our yearly meeting is committed to providing spiritual and financial support to our monthly meetings and individual members in their activities on behalf of the Poor People’s Campaign. --Approved 7th Month 14, 2019 by NCYM(C)

Note that the core of the yearly meeting's involvement is through spiritual and financial support to our monthly meetings. An ad hoc committee developed several specific recommendations and opportunities for monthly meetings to consider. Their full report is available to you here. A key piece to this is potential activation of a YM Coordinating Committee to work with monthly meetings. Initial funding set up and committee members were named will not be active until at least three monthly meetings indicate their desire to make use of the resources. Please notify if your monthly meeting wishes to be one of these three (or more). I have had informal indication from one already but need to be able to document for our records. It is envisioned that this committee can begin work with our monthly meetings quickly once enough meetings have had opportunity to consider and initiate a desire to connect with this support system. All will be notified if and when such occurs.

Gwen Gosney Erickson


North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative)
Gwen Gosney Erickson, Clerk
Margie Dingman, Recording Clerk
Anne Olsen, Assistant Clerk

We have considered as a Yearly Meeting how we may be called to respond to the Poor People’s Campaign and its work. As a Campaign that stresses not movement from above but from below, it seems most appropriate for our Yearly Meeting involvement to be centered in our monthly meetings. As a Yearly Meeting we agree to the following recommendations, commitments, and actions as an initial response:

  1. We encourage our monthly meetings, as our primary spiritual communities, to enter into corporate discernment on their involvement in the Campaign and to support individuals in their meetings as they may sense a leading to be involved with the Campaign by considering such actions as:

    1. Periodic assessments of the meeting’s relationship to the Campaign or to the issues and concerns raised by the Campaign.
    2. Offering opportunities for testing leadings, including appointing committees for clearness, for individuals involved or considering involvement in the Campaign.
    3. Aiding individuals to participate in the Campaign in ways the individual and the meeting find appropriate, such as financial assistance for travel and per diem costs for activities, aiding individuals in other ways to release them for involvement, assisting a group in the meeting to carry on coordinated activities, etc.
  1. The Yearly Meeting welcomes reports to the Yearly Meeting in annual sessions and at Interim Body concerning the Campaign and the monthly meetings’ involvement in it.

  2. The Yearly Meeting will offer ongoing support and assistance for monthly meetings and individuals involved in the Campaign. The Yearly Meeting will establish an active Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee for this purpose. The Committee will be established at the request of the monthly meetings if and when they inform the Yearly Meeting of the need for it. When at least three monthly meetings indicate they would like to work with such a committee, the Committee would begin to function. The Committee will then work as long as it serves the functions outlined below:

    1. Acting as a contact on behalf of the Yearly Meeting with monthly meetings and individuals involved with the Campaign,
    2. Accepting requests for financial assistance from monthly meetings related to involvement in the Campaign and approving the use of funds budgeted for this purpose
    3. Serving as a resource for monthly meetings seeking clearness in regard to any matters arising from involvement with the Campaign.
  3. Implementation of the Yearly Meeting Coordinating Committee:

  4. If the Yearly Meeting decides to offer support and assistance as detailed above, we will proceed to name a Coordinating Committee, and suggest to the Finance Committee an initial amount for the Committee’s work, to be included as arranged by the Finance Committee, in our annual budget. Upon sufficient interest expressed by the monthly meetings to the Yearly Meeting, the Committee then would be prepared to carry out its work.

June Hum Dinger
Submitted by Gayle Cameron

As has been the custom when there is a 5th First Day, Friends are invited to share worship and a picnic we call a Hum Dinger, with Creeds Preparatory Friends Meeting, which is under the care of our Virginia Beach Friends Meeting.

June 30th was a 5th First Day and Friends from VBFM and one Friend from Rich Square Friends Meeting attended Meeting for Worship in Linda Tingle Shirk’s home on the Sound in Creeds.

It was a beautiful day out in Creeds with the sound of the water and the breeze surrounding our worship. At the rise of meeting we enjoyed a delicious lunch of fresh vegetables and fruits many from the local gardens.

Our worship was deep and the fellowship loving and peaceful.

It was a special Hum Dinger.

FCNL Visiting Friend Tom Bertrand: Moved to speak, moved to listen
Submitted by Emily Murphy/FCNL

Friend Tom Bertrand is following a long-held tradition of visitation, and a leading to invite Friends to Quaker advocacy.

Last year, this calling felt like ministry, leading Tom to begin planning visits to Monthly Meetings in Eastern Tennessee. Several of the Meetings Tom was visiting had recently stopped attending Yearly Meeting and were moving away from larger Quaker organizations. There, he would share his story of spirit-led action and his experience with FCNL’s faith-based advocacy.

Tom has dedicated his life to education, peace, and democracy building. Through active listening, visitation, and stewardship, Tom Bertrand continues his life passion with Friends Council On Natioanal Legislation's (FCNL) Visiting Friends program.

Tom’s Quaker journey began in 1974 while searching for how to live in a post-Vietnam America. After earning a bachelor’s degree in English and history from Rice University, he spent several years as an active duty Naval Reserve Officer where he taught writing, literature, and ethics at the United States Naval Academy.

After leaving, Tom attended law school at the University of Virginia and applied for membership at Charlottesville Friends Meeting. "At that point, it was a tiny little Meeting… we met at a daycare center on Jefferson Avenue in Charlottesville, and we sat on the children’s tiny little chairs, with our knees under our chins," he said.

Throughout Tom’s career, he has looked for Meetings and worship opportunities. This path has taken him in many directions, starting as a monitor during the first free elections in Armenia, the Republic of Georgia, and South Africa. He was chief deputy to the president at Emory University, then president of Brevard College for nine years. Tom also served as the head of the National Peace Foundation from 2006-2007. Since 2010, Tom has practiced immigration law in Virginia Beach helping unite families and advise employers in three states.

At every point, Tom cultivated his FCNL connection, first as a Meeting contact for Charlottesville Friends Meeting, and most recently as a member of FCNL’s General Committee and Field Committee. He has served as a Visiting Friend since the program’s inception in 2015.

Currently, Tom is one of 20 volunteers who travel around the country and share how the FCNL community helps strengthen and enrich their faith journey. But Visiting Friends do more than talk, Tom says. When he traveled in Tennessee, and as he prepares to visit Western Yearly Meeting in Indiana, Tom says he listens first, and through that listening he forms effective and lasting connections. Tom aims to show Friends, especially young Friends, how FCNL helps connect their Quaker experience with social justice work.

What leads Tom to spread FCNL’s work to Friends across the country? "I believe that FCNL is the best model of democracy-building that I have seen in practice up-close," he said. "Because every two years, we go back to our base. We go back to the roots of the Society of Friends in this country, and we ask every Quaker organization, every Friends Meeting, and every Friends Church: ‘What do you think should be the legislative priorities of FCNL for the next Congress?’ And we really do, as an organization, listen to what we hear."

That’s why when Tom Bertrand traveled to Eastern Tennessee, he knew he would be welcomed. He knew Quakers understand the role of visitation, and all he had to do was bring his friendship to their door and create the capacity to connect.

Emily Murphy
FCNL 2019 Summer Intern, Strategic Advocacy/Quaker Outreach

Lean more about FCNL's Visiting Friends Program...

NCYM(c) - Yearly Meeting 2019, Some Impressions from a New Comer
Submitted by Liana Fleming

Over a Dinner in the Dining Hall of the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, Dave French kindly clarified for me the origins and the differences between the Conservative Friends and the Progressive Friends.

Conservative Friends, he explained to me, preserve and share the original beliefs of the 17th century Quakers. Progressive Friends have dramatically shifted some of their religious orientations from the Christ to the Nature.

But isn't Nature a Divine Creation? They are both linked, no?

But then, I was distracted by more than 500 exchange students who came in the Dining Hall, and could no longer hear him or ask questions. So I went out to think.

Isn't Quakerism founded on Christianity and Humanism?

And isn't Humanism defined as a progressive philosophy?

But, but, how evolved are really my religious views to honestly and clearly decide who is right and who is wrong?

As a recovered Catholic, will I remain a seeker of the truth the rest of my life? Almost certainly.

If I keep in my heart the core values of Quakerism, integrity, simplicity, community, peace, I can continue seeking answers in the daily life.

The Society of Friends is my magical place of spiritual and emotional nourishment where the power of love for ourselves and for one another greatly surpasses the love of power.

And I have to leave it at that for now.

You see, we did have a long drive from Virginia Beach to Wilmington!

So, while "the long rambling notes" (as Cheryl Fetterman called her precious info on where to meet on Campus for this Yearly Meeting at NCU), Mc Neill Hall, the Auditorium, the Dining Hall the Pool, various other Meeting locations, and events, Young people Bowling, Pot Luck nearby, etc., etc...the time flew for the close to 50 of us, and almost 20 youngsters.

The weather was spectacular with zero humidity as we drove, and walked, and walked some more around this gigantic Southern Campus, and beyond, on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, Crystal and Jonnie Mercher Fishing Piers, under a radiant and merciless Sun.

The Friends I met wore a George Fox look-alike hat.

They reminded me of the Inward Teacher, Christ, Himself, and they inspired me.

Now, you will learn all you need to know soon enough from Nancy and David.

Peace, Liana

The Madness of Nuclear Deterrence / Mikhail Gorbachev
Submitted by Steve Baggarly

"Deterrence cannot protect the world from a nuclear blunder or nuclear terrorism," George Shultz, William Perry and Sam Nunn recently wrote. "Both become more likely when there is no sustained, meaningful dialogue between Washington and Moscow." I agree with them about the urgent need for strategic engagement between the U.S. and Russia. I am also convinced that nuclear deterrence, instead of protecting the world, is keeping it in constant jeopardy.

I recall my heated discussions of this issue with Margaret Thatcher. We argued about many things and often found common ground, but on this question she fought to the last. Nuclear weapons, she insisted, prevented World War III.

I asked her: "Are you really comfortable sitting on a nuclear powder keg?" I showed her a diagram representing the world’s nuclear arsenals, grouped into hundreds of squares. Each square, I told her, is enough to eliminate human civilization as we know it. I was unable to persuade Margaret Thatcher. We hear the same arguments today, including in the U.S. and Russia.

Yet nuclear weapons are like a rifle hanging on the wall in a play written and staged by a person unknown. We do not know the playwright’s intent. Nuclear weapons could go off because of a technical failure, human error or computer error. The last alarms me the most. Computer systems are now used everywhere. And how many times have computers and electronics failed—in aviation, in industry, in various control systems?

Nuclear weapons might also be launched in response to a false alarm. If the flight time of the missiles is reduced, leaving less time to detect a false alarm, the probability of a mistaken retaliatory launch is bound to rise.

Nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists. And who knows what other "surprises" these weapons have in store for us?

Those who believe nuclear weapons can save the world from war should recall the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. A dispute over the placement of Soviet nuclear weapons put the world on the brink of war. Recently published documents show how close the world came to the fateful line. It was not nuclear weapons that saved the world, but the sobering up of the two countries’ leaders, John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev. I am sure they thought long and hard, then and afterward, and their perception of nuclear weapons changed a great deal.

What’s more, they reached agreement on ending nuclear tests in the atmosphere, in outer space and under water, thus slowing the qualitative weapons race as well as protecting the air from the deadly products of nuclear explosions.

The opportunity to continue progress in nuclear arms control was then squandered. The military-industrial complex won out over common sense. Only much later, toward the end of the 1980s, were we able to stop the arms race. Today, the U.S. and Russia are at a perilous crossroads. They must stop and think. The veterans of the Cold War have spoken. It is now up to our nations’ leaders to act.

Mr. Gorbachev is a former president of the Soviet Union.
This article appearred in the April 30, 2019 Wall Street Journal print edition.
Copyright ©2019 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Our Business Meetings (From "The Conservative Friend")
Submitted by Nancy Craft

Among the signs of a healthy democracy are the public debates in town halls, state legislatures, and Congress. Those debates are argued in a point, counter -point style. This is good and proper, but we must remember that this not what our business meetings are about. We are trying to discern God's will, not the will of the majority. Our challenge is to maintain the same spiritual center in our business that prospers in our silent worship.

Point-by-point debate is a contest with winners and losers. It creates an environment of attacks and defenses. Friends discernment process is different. During our process, we must be careful not to speak to any issue in a way that can feel like an attack. Likewise, if we feel attacked, we should do everything we can to lay aside those feelings and give other Friends the benefit of the doubt as to their intentions. It is important to recognize that people speaking defensively rarely realize they are doing so. We should also recognize this tendency in ourselves.

Live the messages in our silent worship, messages in business meetings are expected to be shared openings from God. They should not be responses to what someone else has said. Remembering this, and remembering that we should only speak once to an issue, can help restrain us until we are certain that we must speak and help us be concise when we do.

When we stand to speak in silent worship, we would never stare directly at a single individual. Spirit-led messages are expected to be shared with the entire gathering. So too, should be our speaking in business. We should stand, speak clearly to the body, and not address one person. If we find ourselves in an exchange with a single individual, whether that exchange includes words or simply body language, it is a sure sign that we are not proceeding as we should. Our Clerk is not an officer charged with keeping order. He or she is our servant tasked with recording our decisions. A gifted Clerk can help us discern God's will through presentations of issues and taking of minutes, but it is not right to rely on the him or her for good order in our meetings. That is the responsibility of the body as a whole.

The Clerk's ultimate responsibility is to document the discernment of the gathering. Unlike parliamentary minutes, our intent is not to take down different opinions or note what was said. The Clerk minutes the sense of the meeting. Some Clerks may include phrases like "one Friend said ... ", but this has not been common among Conservative Friends. Likewise, Conservative Friends do not follow the practice of recording the names of those who have "stepped aside." Yet, in any Friends Meeting, one should never assume a right to have one's thoughts included in the minutes.

The sense of a business meeting must reflect Christ's call to us. When the business falls into a debate, a quarrelsome attitude can overshadow the Christian love we have for each other. When this happens, it is clear that we have left the appointed path and we should halt business to settle into silent worship and prayer. If love does not command the floor when the silence is broken, we should not hesitate to return to the silence.

Unfortunately, there can be instances when someone speaks in a contentious spirit. In extreme cases, an interuption may be called for. This must only be done with care, love and our Lord's guiding hand. It is important to understand that the transgressing party will not realize that they are straying. They will believe that they are speaking truth. To help them back onto the path without offence is difficult indeed. For this reason corrections are most likely to come from an experienced elder sitting on a facing bench. But that does not relieve the rest of us from responding in love when we are called. When answering this call, one should never address the individual directly, or even refer to how that individual erred. Instead, comments should be directed to the body, concerning the state of the body and how the health of the body might be restored. Examples of such messages might be: "We seem to have fallen into contention ... " and/or "Perhaps, we should move at this moment into some unifying silent prayer ... ".

Our approach to dealing with contentious speakers has an important corollary. That is, we must be ready to be corrected ourselves. If one of our messages is interrupted, it is critical that we not take offence. We may still believe that we are speaking rightly, but for the sake of the gathering it is best to sit down and continue to pray on what we believed we were to share. True Victory can be obtained by living through this experience and maintaining our foundation of love.

Guidelines for our approach to business are possible. Such guidelines might be: business meetings cannot become discussions, we must avoid defensive behavior, we should not speak more than once to an issue, we should not respond to a previous comment, we should speak to the body and not to an individual, we must never have an exchange with a single individual either in word or body language, we cannot assume that our personal voice will be recorded in the minutes and we must remember that good harmony is our responsibility, not the Clerk's. If we do use guidelines such as these, we must acknowledge that they can only provide a warning when we stray. Our true guide is Christ himself and the real measure of our success is when we follow Him.

Charles Thomas, Jr.
Member, Marlborough Monthly Meeting
Susan Smith
Clerk, Rockingham Monthly Meeting

Letter To A Friend In Distress
Submitted by Liana Fleming

Forgive me if I write to you in English because I must think in this language, as I need to live one life at the time.

I do agree with you. Going back home for a couple of weeks can not always bring pleasure, but can also add stress and regrets to what one "should" or "could" have done differently.

We are expats for ever.

As we look back to all done, right or wrong, we find ourselves swimming in other Countries' gutters. Yes, like in Boca Raton - Florida, the charming Resort, "The Rats' Mouth", where maybe humble mice swam at one time or another in and out of those shores, leaving a name for themselves.

But, on the other hand, Spanish navigators used the above term in reference to sharp rocks under the surface of that inlet.

And rats can be found in every continent, with China being the most infected, with more than two billions of them.

So, here it is not so bad, is it?

And I look at both sides, and, as a Seeker, I prefer the joy.

For example, one can avoid dwelling, comparing cultures, life styles, foods or behaviors, because the whole world is a country. And while every thing changes, every thing stays the same.

Dear friend, after a time you may find that location, security and love are close to us, around and inside us, anywhere really, if you live with the heart of a child.

And we learn to cherish our temporary gift, a promise with an unknown expiration date made to us by a Divine Essence, or by Mother Nature, if you choose to believe that way.

And one learns to be strong, because defeats, like victory, can make us stronger.

And you can walk with your head up, with the grace of an adult, with the eyes open, and the steps of a child.

Constantly, the mind is building up consciousness where our material condition depends upon. Think about that building up, my friend, and chose wisely.

Do not allow negative forces inside to become more active.

Be happy with yourself. Love yourself and you are loved. Live your life and you are alive, here or there. It is still a beautiful life!

And, do not look behind, because we have already been there.

Love and Laughter,

The Quaker abolitionist who was disowned for condemning slave owners
Submitted by Robert Brown

Benjamin Lay wrote one of the first treatises against slavery in Colonial America, a time when many prosperous Pennsylvania Quakers were slave owners. But the Quakers disowned Lay for speaking out.

Click here to hear the story on Retropod...

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About Retropod

Retropod is a show for history lovers, featuring stories about the past, rediscovered. Host Mike Rosenwald introduces you to history’s most colorful characters - forgotten heroes, overlooked villains, dreamers, explorers, world changers.

Save The Dates!

Listed below are events that Virginia Beach Friends Meeting is supporting/promoting for the next three months - as recorded on our website at the time this month's Newsletter was published.

Frequently check our Virginia Beach Friends Meeting Upcoming Events webpage as event details are worked out and new events are added.

Regenerative Yoga Therapy

Dates: Thursdays
Time: 1:30-2:30 pm
Location: Meeting house
Cost: $12 per session
Contact: April Megginson,

AMERICAN HERETICS: The Politics of the Gospel - Wed, Aug 14th at 7:15pm at the Naro Cinema

Date: Wednesday, August 14
Time: 7:15pm
Location: Naro Cinema
1507 Colley Ave, Norfolk VA 23517

Quaker House - 50th Anniversary Celebration

Date: Saturday September 21
Time: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Quaker House
223 Hillside Ave Fayetteville, NC 28301

Fifth Sunday Hum Dinging Meeting For Eating

Date: Sunday September 29
Time: 10:30 am
Location: Creeds PM

World Quaker Day

Date: Sunday October 7
Time: Noon - 2 pm
Location: Meetinghouse

Interim Body Meeting

Date: Saturday October 26
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Next Meeting for Business Query - #1 / Meeting for Worship:

Do we faithfully uphold our testimony for worship which is based on silent waiting, and for free and un-programmed ministry that may be shared by all? Is there a living silence in which we feel drawn together by the Light of Christ, the power of God in our midst; and is this inspiration carried over into our daily lives? Do we come to Meeting with hearts and minds open and ready to worship in silence or in vocal ministry or prayer as the Holy Spirit leads us? Does our meeting encourage those who may have a gift for the spoken ministry?

Next Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business is Sunday August 11, 2019, 8:30 am in our Meetinghouse.


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