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February Newsletter

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Minutes from our February business meeting are posted at this link…

Highlights include:

  • The Meetinghouse door locks will be replaced.
  • Church Women United (CWU) - Liana Fleming, who is our representative to the local chapter, reported that this racially, theologically and culturally inclusive national ecumenical organization’s mission is to celebrate "Diversity in Unity" for a better world of Peace and Social Justice. Their Theme for the year 2018 is the Celebration of God's Presence.
  • The Peace and Social Justice committee will conduct a survey to determine our Meeting's priorities to guide FCNL's work in 2019 and 2020, for the 116th Congress. More on this below.
  • Communications committee has transitioned to using the MailChimp Email service for all VBFM Bulk emails.
  • Liana Flemming requested Membership.

PROPOSED 2018 FCNL PRIORITIES Survey for Virginia Beach Friends Meeting

Survey link:

Every two years, our Friends Committee on National Legislation asks Friends and their meetings, churches, and other groups all over the country to share which of the many federal policy issues and questions identified in FCNL’s Policy Statement, “The World We Seek,” they think are most important. See What issues need close attention from Friends, and from FCNL? Our answers to this question in Virginia Beach will join with input from other Meetings around the country to feed into the process of priority discernment by the FCNL Policy Committee. At the FCNL Annual Meeting in November, the General Committee (FCNL governing board) will consider the Policy Committee’s draft and approve new priorities to guide FCNL's work in 2019 and 2020, for the 116th Congress. For further information about the FCNL priority setting process, see:

As we discern our own Meeting’s response to this request, let us all consider the queries set forth in the document “Priorities Discernment: Resources for Centering.” Our Peace & Social Justice committee asks each member/attender of our Virginia Beach Meeting to review the ten priorities that have guided FCNL in its work with the current Congress (see below) and to indicate which four of those priorities you believe should receive the highest priority in FCNL’s work with the next Congress. We know that you will likely resonate to most if not all of the current priorities, but please choose YOUR TOP FOUR and indicate them by a check beside your four choices below. Feel free to elaborate on your answers in the space at the end of the survey. Our P&SJ committee will then aggregate the replies and report our collective top seven priorities at the VBFM Fourth Month Meeting for Business (April 8). Our Meeting’s response must reach FCNL by April 16.

Thank You,

Tom Bertrand, VBFM Peace and Social Justice committee convener

Survey link:


Friends School Founders Day

$35 gets you access to Friends School's biggest party and largest fun-raiser, with 10+ Hilltop restaurants, Tinto Wine, Wasserhund Brewing Company, Mike Proffitt spinning the DJ booth and Marty McFly!

Our friend Bob Young passed away quietly at his home on January 31, 2018.

Click here for the obituary written by Bob's family, with an introduction from his daughter Susan...

A Memorial Service to celebrate Bob's life will be held under the care of the Meeting on March 17 at 2 pm in the Wilson Center at Virginia Beach Friends School.

This edition of our VBFM Newsletter is dedicated in memory of Bob.

Donations in Bob's memory may be made to the Virginia Beach Friends Meeting, PO Box 4371, Virginia Beach, VA 23454


Friend Bob Young:

How do you express sorrow?
I am deeply affected by the leaving of Bob Young.
His faithful discipline-ship in his writings and in his actions is the clearest example of his ministry and advocacy for peace and social Justice.
When I read his writings, and when he was present among us, I felt a sense of timeless peace, and a deep sense of trust in the power in my heart.
Passing leaves a heartache that no one can heal.
The memories of Bob will stay to guide me on my path to the Light.

- Liana Fleming

Bob Young was one of a kind.
Many speak of Peace.
He was peace itself.
His sincerity unmatched by anyone.
There are three kinds of people in our world:

One leaves and no one notices.
Another leaves and all are happy.
The third leaves and nothing is ever the same.

Bob is the third.
Nothing will ever be the same.

Namaste precious friend

- Rick Mateo

Yogini: The Inside Out of the Bell (4/17/16)

is the anniversary
of the birth of teacher.
"How old is she?"
The visitor asked.
"She seems so young." "How old is she?"
The visitor asked.
"She seems so young."

"As old as the inside of the bell.
As young as the fresh blade
of tomorrow's grass."
the monk replied.

"But you have not answered."
he insisted. "When was she born?"
"She was born in the Silence
in the sound of the bell.
She is the same age as you—
only younger and older."

Journey within and you will find:
I am the striker
I am the bell
I am the breath,
I am the sound,
and the silence.

That is how old she is.
The age of the hear
of each of us
is that.

Bob wrote this poem for his Yoga Teacher, April Mitchel, on her birthday, April 17, 2016.

On Sunday February 4, 2018 April read this poem in our Meeting for Worship.

Below is the cover picture of Bob's book, "If Not Now, When", and a poem Bob wrote that will be read at Bob's Memorial by his friend Mike Kelly:

New Year’s Thoughts and Prayers
And when the broken-hearted people/Living in the world agree /
There will be an answer/Let it be. [Paul McCartney, 1970]

May we remember our loved ones
who have bequeathed us a legacy of goodness

May we have the joy to laugh
and be of good spirits

May we meet anger and rage
by touching the heart of the other

May we give and keep our word and deed
to family and friends

May we do the right thing
for our neighbor and for the stranger

May we have the strength and zest
to work and play abundantly

May we make things a little better
in our community and beyond

May we continue the journey inward
through and beyond the mind and body

May our children live in a planet restored
and a world of brotherhood and peace.

Let It Be. Let it be. Let it be.
bob young [12/17]

Bob at home:

Bob at the podium at One Love Festival 2017

Bob on the stage at One Love Festival 2017 - Click Here or on the picture to see video...

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Next Meeting for Business Query - #8 / Manner of Living:

Do we observe simplicity and honesty in our manner of living? Are we careful to live within the bounds of our circumstances, punctual in keeping promises, prompt in the payment of debts, and just in all our dealings? Do we choose those activities which will strengthen our physical, mental, and spiritual life; and do we avoid those harmful to ourselves and others?

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