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January Newsletter

Clerk’s message for the New Year

As we sit in silence I see in my mind’s eye there is a web of light that connects us all. It is said that to be of service, helping those less fortunate, is indeed a high ideal.

Quakers seem to be all about helping, about taking action, about undoing wrongs and loving their neighbors—no exceptions.

The message for the New Year for me is to spend more time in quiet - and to use that which gets generated from that silence into action that spreads love through the web of life that connects us all.

Personally, my intention is to participate in as many gatherings as I can - to make my relationship to others a sanctuary in which we all feel loved.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Minutes from our January business meeting are posted at this link…

Highlights include:

  • The Meeting is still struggling with the Meetinghouse door lock issue. Is the issue difficulty in using the doors, or security concerns? It was left to season.
  • Our Peace and Social Justice committee is looking forward to a lot of action in the coming weeks and months, including presenting a survey to Meeting that will help Friends Council on National Legislation prioritize in developing its focus strategy for the next two years.
  • It was suggested that the Peace and Social Justice committee and the Buildings and Grounds committees change their schedule to meet on the same Sunday each month, leaving open one Sunday Day a month for special events.
  • Communications committee has transitioned to using the MailChimp Email service for all VBFM Bulk emails.

VBFM Retreat with Brian Drayton:
     Spiritual Wisdom from the Quaker Tradition: Quakerism as a Spiritual Path

We are so fortunate to have Brian Drayton join us for our spiritual retreat this year on Friday evening March 2, and on Saturday March 3.

Everyone is encouraged to attend both the Friday and Saturday sessions, or at least one.

Participants are encouraged to read in advane Brian's Pendle Hill Pamplet - Getting Rooted: Living in the Cross

Click Here For Link to purchase...

Participants may also consider reading Brian's A Language for the Inward Landscape - Spiritual Wisdom from the Quaker Movement.

Click here to purchase the book from the QuakerBooks website.

Details on registration, the Friday night dinner and Saturday potluck will be posted on our VBFM Retreat with Brian Drayton webpage...

Click Here For The Event Flyer...

Help us get the word out!

Quaker Women

Quaker Women Gatherings

Quaker Women Gatherings are informal, social get-togethers which usually include food!

All members and attenders are cordially invited to gather with us.

Quaker women met for brunch on Friday January 26th. Six members, plus an out of town visitor, attended. We enjoyed lively conversation and fellowship. We are hoping to meet on a somewhat regular basis, changing our times and dates to provide the opportunity for all to attend.

The next gathering, a potluck, is scheduled for Wednesday March 14th, at 5:30 PM at the Meetinghouse.

Contact Nancy Nixon or Kathie Garner if you have any questions.

Bridging Generations

This women’s group sprung to life as an “I will” action statement in response to an invitation from Peace and Social Justice Committee. We speak from our hearts and our experience and listen to each other with our hearts. Our circle is a safe place for each of us to voice our concerns, our gratitude, our “herstories”, and our love. Each time we meet a theme organically arises and we speak from our experience. We cry, laugh, support each other and share our dreams as well as our frustrations. Each of us leaves this leaderless group with an intention to take action on what is ours to do in this world.

Contact Rosie Heart or Jeanne Crawford if you have any questions.

Meeting For Eating & Talking About The Process By Which Our Meeting Will Participate In The Setting Of Legislative Priorities The Friends Committee On National Legislation After Meeting For Worship

On Sunday, the 21st, some 21 of our Meeting Community gathered downstairs for a potluck and discussion following the Meeting for Worship – and eighteen of these hardy folks stayed after the eating to watch and discuss three videos concerning the work of FCNL. The first was a rousing exhortation by Amelia Kegan of the FCNL staff “An Unskippable Moment!” The second was a short video tracing the history of FCNL as the nation’s oldest faith-based lobby on Capitol Hill. The third was the 2017 annual report from FCNL Executive Secretary Diane Randall talking about the challenges facing Friends in Washington under President Trump. We hope that Friends who were not able to attend will take the time to watch these timely videos on their laptops or computers at home:

At the Meeting for Eating, we also talked about the process of discerning our Meeting’s recommendations for legislative priorities FCNL should consider for the 116th Congress which will convene in January 2019. Our Committee on Peace & Social Justice and our Communications Committee will collaborate over the next few weeks in leading us through this discernment process.

In preparation for this process, please CLICK HERE to review the queries in the attached document from FCNL entitled “Priorities Discernment: Resources for Centering.”

A Day For All People - January 23, 2018

A Day for All People was organized and sponsored by the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy (VICPP), founded in 1982 to be the advocacy voice for the faith community in Virginia. Primarily, their focus has been on issues of economic and racial justice.

Nancy Craft, Jeanne Crawford and Mary Pelham White joined about four hundred others at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Richmond to be briefed on Key Issues, below, before meeting with our Senators and Delegates.

  • Healthcare Expansion
  • Wage Theft
  • Increasing the felony threshold
  • Welcoming All
  • No Weapons in Worship

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy is a vehicle for persons of all faiths to advocate through the legislative process. VICPP matched each registration to the appropriate representative and indicated their respective committees and issues. Many representatives were able to provide meeting times, but some were in Committee so it was “catch as catch can”.

The highlight of my day was hearing from Governor Ralph Northam, M.D., a neurologist, and from Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dan Carey, M.D., a cardiologist. Each of them optimistically talked about possibilities for our Commonwealth and their unique training and experience to guide the next years.

See for details and reviews of Northam’s and Carey’s remarks and also for elaboration on key issues.

- Reported by Mary Pelham White

Bob Young - January 2018

While Bob's health continues to decline, his spirit has remained strong.

Bob wrote another letter to the editor recently, encouraging the editorial cartoon work of Walt Taylor. Click here for Bob's letter to the editor...

There was also a wonderful interview/article by Irene Bowers in the Virginian-Pilot's Virginia Beach Beacon publication in which Kelly Jackson, associate director of the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom at Virginia Wesleyan, was quoted saying about Bob, "I cannot think of a more beautiful person". Click here for Irene's interview/article on Bob...

Bob submitted this poem for our January newsletter:

The Light

Someone washed the windows
At Quaker Meeting House.
Sitting there in the silence
On the plain wooden benches
The Sunday morning sun shone thru
And blessed us.

A few of the rays
Merged into
The light from within
And one felt the coming together
Of the inner and the outer
Of light and life.

Thank you to the window
Washers of the world.

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Next Meeting for Business Query - #7 / Peace Testimony:

Do we endeavor to live in the life and power that takes away the occasion of all war, seeking to do our part in the work of reconciliation between individuals, groups, and nations? Do we faithfully maintain our testimony against nuclear and all other military preparations, the bearing of arms, and all participation in war?

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