Virginia Beach Friends Meeting

November Newsletter

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Minutes from our November business meeting are posted at this link…

Highlights include:

  • VBFM hosted the Coastal Friends Gathering in November.
  • Joanne Crass has stepped down from School Committee and will be missed. School Committee is looking for new board members who have community contacts.
  • New Carpeting has been installed in the Meetinghouse!
  • We are happy that the Marriage Clearness Commitee for Richard Taylor and DaShaunda Hilliard reported that they are clear in their intention to form a new family, and we heartily endorse their request to move ahead with a marriage ceremony under the care of our Meeting on 30th Day of Twelfth Month 2017. We are delighted that this family intends to continue to bless our Friends community with their thoughtful, joyful and discerning presence.


Quaker Women are planning to meet for a Holiday Luncheon on December 8th, 11:30 am, at La Yaka located in North Hilltop shopping center. Please contact Nancy Nixon by Sunday December 3rd if you would like to attend.

Communications committee continues to have problems sending out bulk emails via Communications committee is working to transition our bulk emailing to use the MailChimp email service.

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act for 2018 runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. See for details...

Report From Our Clerk

Our Meeting's Clerk, Jeanne Crawford, recently attended Clerk Training at Pendle Hill.

Jeanne will give a report at Meeting for Business next month.

Fresh from her Pendle Hill experience Jeanne reported:

An incredible group of Quakers learning together all about what it means to Clerk a Meeting. A community came together this past weekend in Pendle Hill PA. Loving kindness ruled!

Getting and Spending Not - bob young, November 26, 2017

I arrived at the Meeting a few minutes before it was scheduled to start. My friend Larry had picked me up, put my wheel chair in the car, and helped me up the ramp to my seat. I sat in the front row, facing the fireplace. Someone had gotten here early and warmed up the room. The room is brimming with Quaker simplicity – plain wooden benches, décor in various shades of plain brown on the carpet, the wall and ceiling panels, the framed, dark prints on the walls. Someone has scattered pillows on the benches to soften the seating, and Gwynne recently designed some back rests to help the body sit in shared silence with all else. We hang in there together in reflection, in prayer, in worship – it goes by many names. We attach; we let go. We breathe in; we breathe out.

People care with and for each other here. It shows up in small gestures
In the fellow next to me putting a warm Jacket on my lap
In a few nods as I make my way with the wheel chair for a bathroom break and back
In the tea and coffee and table of goodies to be consumed at the rise of meeting
In a teenage boy who comes occasionally with his grandmother and shakes my hand
I am that boy; he is that me. I am a multitude

So much can be said in the silence. This Sunday, this First Day – the first day after the day of the biggest day of getting and spending after the day of Thanks Giving – nothing is bought or sold. Everything is given for free.

I leave the Meeting both heavier and lighter. Heavier in that I am overflowing with thoughts and feelings and memories of being here now; of belonging.

Lighter in that I am but one tiny speck in the universe of time and place and space.

Thank you.

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Next Meeting for Business Query - #5 / Meeting for Business:

Do we regularly attend our meetings for business, and are they held in a spirit of love, understanding, and forbearance? Do we seek the right course of action in humble submission to the Authority of Truth and in the patient search for a sense of unity under Divine guidance?

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