Virginia Beach Friends Meeting

September Newsletter

Dear Friends:

Last month our Newsletter format changed to a posted webpage with hyperlinks for content.

Please bear with us as we transition to this new presentation format.

We welcome your feedback and please respond to with suggestions for improvements.

Thank you,
VBFM Communications committee

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Minutes from our September business meeting are posted at this link…

Highlights include:

At rise of meeting this week Andy Young shared with us by reading from Mathew 10:20 -

For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit which speaketh in you.

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Next Meeting for Business Query - #3 / Love and Unity:

Do we follow the teachings of Jesus and seek the inspiration of His Holy Spirit in our daily lives? Are love and unity maintained among us? Do we cultivate a forgiving spirit, and do we avoid and discourage needless and destructive criticism of others? When differences arise, do we endeavor promptly to resolve them in a spirit of love, honesty, and humility?


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