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August Newsletter

Dear Friends:

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VBFM Communications committee

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Minutes from our August business meeting are posted at this link…

Highlights include:

    • Meeting for Business Query #1 / Meeting for Worship, and our response.
    • The introduction of Interim head of Friends School, Jack Lewis – and summary of Jack’s remarks.
    • The announcement that our Meeting approved a plan to Celebrate World Quaker Day on October 1.
    • Next Buildings and Grounds work day is September 30.
    • The Peace and Social Justice committee report minutes – click here for the full report…

Note that we were all reeling from the recents events in Charlottesville and it was welcome news to hear from Charlottesville Friends Meeting before our business meeting closed.

A Few Last Words

This cancer thing has a life of its own. It has been a roller coaster of joys and sorrows for six months now.

The joys have been in the quality of health care I have received from the professionals and all the back-up people at all levels. And the joys have been, also, in the time to finish any unfinished business and to reflect on how my 86 years have been lived.

It has been a long, rich life. I feel so blessed. Some of you have told me how sad you are that I am leaving. The oncologist says it is hard to know, but it will be probably be three months or less.

Regarding your and/or my sadness, I suggest this – think of an experience where we shared a moment of deep connection. Make that moment a part of you. In that way I will always live on through you, and you will not be sad because you will still have me with you.

I suggest you not footnote me – “well, you know, Bob used to say…” because doing so takes away from the direct experience the two of you are having then and there. I have no idea what the next life will bring, and I am looking forward to finding out.

My love to you all.

Bob Young
August 19, 2017

Quick Links

Next Meeting for Business Query - #2 / Meeting for Worship:

Are we faithful in our attendance at meetings for worship and are we careful not to disturb the spirit of the meeting by our late arrival? Is our behavior therein that of open submission to God in silent communion?


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