Our Committee Process

Committees are generally recommended by the Nominating Committee. However when special committees are needed, committee members may be appointed in the face of the Business Meeting through the process of discernment when the Clerk asks for names suitable for committee. The Business Meeting may direct the purpose/function of a committee, or appoint a committee and ask the committee to refine their responsibilities and function and report back to the Business Meeting.

Annually the committee should review its overall responsibilities and consider if they remain suitable. The committee should review its functioning to see if improvements are needed, and if so, determine what would be helpful. Most committees have budgets that allow them to spend money as they consider suitable to fulfill their responsibilities. Each year the committee requests a budget for the coming year, detailing planned spending where appropriate.

Recommended changes to the committees functioning are to be brought to Business for discussion and approval.

Committees function in a Spirit led collaborative process. Each committee selects a Convener who brings the members together for meetings and facilitates the process of the meetings as needed.


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