VBFM Committees and Positions

Query 4 of our Faith and Practice asks, "Do we regard our time, our talents, and our possessions as given us in trust, and do we use them freely for the needs of others"?

It is through the work of our committees that the important work of Virginia Beach Friends Meeting is accomplished.

We have developed a general process that defines how all our committees operate, report to Business Meeting, and annually review and possibly modify responsibilities - Our Committee Process...

Below are links to a description of each committee, and different positions that individuals serve.


Building & Grounds Committee

Communications Committee

Faith and Practice Committee

Finance Committee

Financial Aid/Sufferings Committee

First Day Discussions

History Committee

Library Committee

Nominating Committee

Peace, Earthcare and Social Justice Committee

School Committee

Special Events Hospitality Committee

Worship and Community Committee

Young Friends Committee


Church Women United Representative


Meetinghouse Scheduler


Recording Clerk




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