Worship and Community Committee


With an attentive search for Divine guidance, we nurture the spiritual life of the Meeting community by discerning how to support and facilitate worship, education, communication and events. We come together with our hearts and minds centered on caring deeply and responsibly for one another. We seek to attend to those in our meeting community with personal concerns, interpersonal concerns, or financial concerns.


Clearness and support committees: Convene clearness or support committees for those seeking help in dealing with a variety of concerns, issues, or plans. This includes clearness committees for membership, marriage, an individual's request for discernment, or helping to resolve conflicts.

Meeting Community Care: Offer care and acts of kindness to meeting individuals and their families during times of hardship and celebration. Encourage engagement in the life of our meeting via announcements in person or in written form.

Education: Support the spiritual growth of our meeting community with activities and events centered on Quaker values.

Nurture: Support our meeting community with Spirit-led worship. Practice deep listening, acceptance and understanding under the direction of the Spirit. Nurture the spiritual gifts within our meeting community. Prayerfully and intentionally hold individuals in our community in the Light. Hold all worship sessions in the Light and Spirit of Quaker worship.

Outside the Meeting Community: Welcome all visitors and follow up on all inquiries to our meeting.


Maintained By: Worship and Community Committee
Last Revision Date: 10-2022