Sufferings Committee

Purpose: Sufferings Committee receives, considers and acts on requests for financial assistance as appropriate. Priority is given to members and attenders of Meeting and the larger Quaker Community. Persons requesting assistance from Sufferings are not identified.


Sufferings Committee consists of the MEO clerk plus two additional MEO members.

Sufferings Committee is authorized to spend up to $100 without bringing the request to MEO. Any amount that would lead to the Committee spending beyond this amount must be submitted to MEO for consideration. Request greater than $500 must be brought to Business Meeting for approval. The identity of the person seeking this request or information that would identify the person is not included in a request to Business Meeting.

Funds for Sufferings are received from the Business Meeting's annual budget allocation and from donations identified by a donor as being for Sufferings. The Meeting Treasurer makes distributions at the direction of the Sufferings Committee using the above guidelines. The Treasurer tracks and reports the fund balance and reports the funds spent as part of the routine Treasurer's report.

Maintained By: Ministers, Elders and Overseers
Last Revision Date: 05-2017