Financial Aid/Sufferings Committee

Purpose: Receive, consider and act upon requests for financial assistance, as appropriate, from members and attenders of Meeting and the larger Friends community.


A written or verbal request is made to Financial Aid/Sufferings.

The person(s) making the request will be held in confidence by members of this committee.

Financial Aid/Sufferings Committee consists of three members from Worship and Community Committee.

The committee is authorized to spend up to $100 per request. Requests above $100 up to $499 are brought to Worship and Community for approval.

Requests for $500 or more are brought to Meeting for Business.

Funds for Financial Aid/Sufferings Committee are allocated in the annual budget approved by Meeting for Business.

Financial Aid/Sufferings Committee has a budget that is separate from Worship and Community's budget.

The Treasurer keeps track of expenditures approved by this committee and they are included in the Treasurer's report without disclosing names of recipients.

Maintained By: Worship and Community
Last Revision Date: 11-2020