School Committee

Mission Statement of VBFS:

At Virginia Beach Friends School, we integrate the Quaker values of equality, integrity, simplicity, peace, and environmental stewardship in a nurturing community of academic excellence that encourages mutual respect, personal responsibility, and the fulfillment of each person's potential, based on the Quaker belief that there is that of God in everyone. (Approved 2009)


The function of the School Committee is to keep the Mission and serve as fiduciaries for the School. As with every business, expertise is needed on the School Committee in all aspects of business operation. As a School, awareness and love of the educational process is also needed. As a Friends School, a presence in the Spirit and constant desire to find that of God in students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators is most essential. While all individuals may not feel that they have the expertise or time in all of these areas, service is open in specific areas through membership on a variety of subcommittees rather than the full School Committee. Subcommittees include Advancement, Spiritual Life, Budget and Finance, and Building and Grounds.


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