Clerking the Meeting for Worship with attention to business:

The clerk is responsible for opening the Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business with a waiting silence of 10-15 minutes and for preparing an agenda for, presiding over, and guiding the worship at each Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business. The clerk sets a loving and welcoming tone to all members and attenders, models and facilitates the handling of business in the manner of Quakers, and ensures that open and equal discussion takes place. It is the clerk's responsibility to guide the worship by gathering the sense of the meeting in discussion and by modeling a Quaker response. The clerk works closely with the recording clerk to weigh and judge the import of each issue and to craft a minute that clearly reflects the sense of the Meeting and of the Christ we serve.

Meeting Correspondence:

The clerk handles the correspondence of the Meeting, with the assistance of specific members and Committees, and gives attention to the Advices and Queries and any communications from the Yearly and Representative Body Meetings.

Yearly Meeting:

The clerk is responsible for preparing an annual state of the meeting report and serves as the primary liaison between the Monthly Meeting and the Yearly Meeting. A scholarship is available for the clerk to attend Yearly Meeting.


Maintained By: Meeting / Reviewed Biennially
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