Assistant Clerks for Virginia Beach Friends Meeting:

Assistant clerk positions provide for continuity and succession of Meeting and recording clerks. The incoming clerkshave the opportunity to become familiar with the position before assuming the responsibilities. It also offers the Meeting the advantage of two people working together.An assistant clerk can benefit both the clerk and the Meeting.

The clerk bears the final responsibility for preparing the business, conducting the Meeting and drafting the minutes. The assistant clerk shares in all the clerk's duties. Consultation may help the clerk to come to a right discernment. A period of apprenticeship through assistant clerkship can provide for a smooth transition.The assistant should have previously agreed to take over the clerk position following the year of working as assistant.

Job description:Assistant Clerk and Assistant Recording Clerk

Term: Since the clerk is expected to serve for two years, the assistant is expected to serve for 4 to 6 months as the assistant, and then two additional years as the clerk.

Suggested Expectations:

Suggested Expectations:

Note to Nominating Committee: Assistant clerks will be in place between February and April during the second year of the Clerk's tenure.

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