Nominating Committee Description

Nominating committee is responsible for staffing the various positions and committees* of the Meeting with active members and attenders. Some individual positions such as Clerk, Recording Clerk and Treasurer and positions within committees such as Convener must be filled by members of the Meeting. Those in individual positions and those within committees are responsible for the work of the Meeting.

When proposing individuals who are members of Meeting to fill the positions of Clerk, Recording Clerk and Treasurer, nominating committee considers who has the talents, gifts and seasoning to serve and grow in these leadership roles. Individuals nominated for Clerk and Recording Clerk positions are encouraged to serve a term of two years. The Treasurer is encouraged to serve multiple terms.

Our Procedures:

* Nominating Committee does not recommend individuals for Ministers, Elders, and Overseers (MEO), Trustees, Sufferings, or Friends School Committee. MEO and Trustees recommend new appointees to Meeting for Business for approval. Appointments to Sufferings are selected by MEO and reported to Meeting for Business. School Committee is self-governing and has an internal process for staffing its committee. The above groups report changes and updates of their membership to Meeting for Business, and to Nominating Committee for updating the Committees and Positions list.


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Last Revision Date: 10-2015